zero power computer glasses

Light filtering zero power computer glasses are something that many full time computer operators choose not to wear.

Working in front of a computer has become the norm. Whether it’s data entry, design, reading emails or programming people spend all day staring into the light without eye protection. If you already wear prescription glasses you are protected from the glare and UV which are the leading cause of eye strain. If you have good vision and your eyes are beginning to dry out and become sensitive its because you are not taking the essential breaks your eyes need every 20 minutes. Liife zero power computer glasses could be what you need to relax your eyes.

The real difference between us and them… our lenses.

zero power computer glasses
Our zero power computer glasses lenses beat: Gunnar, Pixel Eyewear, Spektrum, Eye Kepper, Gamma Rays and Zenni Optical Beyond UV in side by side spectrophotometer testing, click and see for yourself!

Liife brand zero power computer glasses are as good as it gets in light and glare reduction. Our proprietary lens technology lets the good light through and keeps the UV and HEV out. Liife anti glare zero power computer glasses are tinted light gray, coated with HMC scratch resistant coating and coated with premium anti blue anti glare shield protection. Not only do they filter out UV up to 400 nanometers they also block more HEV blue and violet visible light than any of the competitors computer glasses available. We purchased the leading computer glasses and zero power computer glasses on the market and tested them side by side.

The only glasses sold that block out more HEV are the dark yellow and dark orange lens glasses, but lets face it they block out all the good light too. Your eyes need some natural UV and HEV to maintain proper health. Wearing glasses that block 100% may do more harm than good.

If your shopping for zero power computer glasses look no further. Liife brand offer a 1 year guarantee and will take them back if your not satisfied. Shop Liife Today!


Simply designed for every occupation.

zero power computer glasses

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