What are Zero Power Glasses?

zero power glasses
Liife | zero power glasses offer full UVA UVB UVC and HEV protection.

Zero power glasses are just like they sound, zero power magnification non prescription lenses. Zero power eyewear from Liife are designed for the average person who has good vision but needs to wear eyewear with the same UV and anti glare protection as prescription eyeglasses. Some people who use cheap dollar store reading glasses for the PC are making a big mistake.

Liife zero power glasses are engineered to protect you from the harmful light both ultraviolet and visible HEV (high energy visible).

Liife zero power glasses relax your eyes.

Liife eyeglasses are the best glasses on the market as far as protective computer glasses and blue light glasses are concerned. Our lenses are made of CR39 HMC resin and have been UV-VIS tested and proven to prevent hazardous light from reaching your eyes. Our lenses are tinted and coated with UV, HEV and Anti Glare protection. They beat the competitors in spectrophotometer testing results and we published the data for you to see here.

zero power glassesBlue light is necessary for proper eye health.

Our zero power glasses are not 100% light blockers for a reason. Your eyes need exposure to UV and HEV in moderation. Our lenses and frames are designed to keep out the bad HEV and UV and let in small amounts to keep your eyes healthy. Solar radiation is good and violet, blue light is good.. just not the artificial types like LED’s. Staring all day into a monitor is bad no matter what light source is being emitted. LCD, CRT, LED.. your eyes need a shield. Liife zero power glasses are proven to reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, CVS or what ever you would like to call it. Your eyes will let you know how good they are.

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