Zero Power Eyeglasses


Liife® Brand high quality anti glare blue light glasses with zero magnification are designed to reduce the light and glare during your daily activities and relax your eyes.  Filter out office light:  LCD monitors – CRT displays – screen radiation – led & fluorescent light sources –  solar radiation – high energy visible light (HEV).  Zero power magnification gray tinted lenses reduce glare without distorting the colour spectrum. UV400 plus anti blue 50% coated. 

 Ultra-light 12g shock resistant unbreakable frame.

 Impact resistant CR39 HMC scratch resistant lenses with 10% gray tint.

 UV400 protection from solar radiation UVA, UVB, UVC.

 52%* high energy visible light (HEV) protection. (see transmission data)

Full lens anti-glare coating.

 1 year guarantee with unconditional replacement.

 6x7Chamois micro leather cleaning cloth.

 3x7 Carbon fiber/Micro Fiber pouch case. 


Worldwide Shipping | One Year Guarantee

zero power eyeglassesZERO POWER | FULL PROTECTION 

   *Visible light includes:

violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red

High Energy Visible Light (HEV)
=400nm-500nm violet and blue

Our 52% protection is averaged between VL 550nm, BL 460nm, PL 395nm spectrophotometer readings. 

See our lens transmission data page
for full disclosure.