Why you need zero power anti blue light eye protection?

How can you protect your vision against the destructive effects of blue light exposure? The use of computer glasses anti blue light can play a crucial role in protecting your eyes!

What is Blue Light?

anti blue light eye protection

Blue light is considered as a high-energy visible light as its wavelengths fall between 390nm and 500nm. Blue light can be found in sunlight and LED lighting as well as light emitted from various digital devices we use every day such as smartphones which emit the bluest light, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, TVs, and etc. Many of these gadgets and devices emit blue light that usually is considered to be harmful to the health of the retinal cells.

Our eyes have natural filters against blue light, however, this is not enough to protect the eyes from the over-exposure of blue light. Our eyes, hair, nails, and skin contain melanin which is a natural sunscreen that absorbs blue light and harmful UV rays. But, as we grow old, we lose melanin and the natural protection is gone. This makes our eyes more exposed to damage from blue light which can enter into the retina more deeply and cause macular degeneration.

The Importance of Computer Glasses Anti Blue Light

It is proven that looking at a computer screen for two hours can lead to eyestrain. We can agree that the current digital world is endless and we are constantly using smartphones, computers, tablets, video games, TV, and etc. Because of these devices we are exposed to blue light sources for a long period of the day. The solution – specialized computer glasses anti blue light.

Thanks to the computer glasses anti blue light, you can avoid eyestrain, block 40% of the blue light spectrum, and 100% of the harmful UV rays.

These special-purpose eyeglasses are available without a glass prescription. You can wear them even if you don’t need a vision correction or if you occasionally wear contact lenses to improve your eyesight. They can optimize your vision precisely for the distance from which you view your computer screen or use other electronic devices.

Invest in High-Quality Computer Glasses Anti Blue Light

You can minimize the using of digital devices in order to avoid blue light and UV rays, however, the best way to protect your eyes from the screen’s blue light is by using computer glasses anti blue light.

If you want to invest in a high-quality computer glasses, liife.ca is all you need! The lenses from liife.ca have better protection against HEV blue and violet light when compared to other computer glasses in the market. The lenses also differ from the others because they are zero magnification and can be worn away from the computer for driving, walking, hiking, and etc. Once you’ll try them you will notice the difference for yourself! We promise you won’t take them off!

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