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Worried about your blurred vision when looking at the computer monitor? Clear your vision with a pair of unmagnified computer glasses!

unmagnified computer glasses
How to Avoid the Harmful Light Emissions from The Computer or TV Screens?

The truth is that today smartphones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices have become a huge part of our daily life. However, the constant usage of these devices doesn’t come free. The use of digital devices cause damages to our eyes and our sight. Considering the fact that we spent a few hours before the computer screens every day, it has become very important to protect our eyes and sight from the harmful light emissions the screens and monitors emit.

The TVs, computers, laptops, and tablets with black lit or LED screens emit harmful blue light that can easily damage our eyes on the long run. The possible effects of the blue light can be dry eyes, eye fatigue, eye strain, blurry vision, as well as back and headache.

The people who work in front of a laptop and stare at laptop screens for a few hours need suitable protection in order to make sure that their eyes work properly for eyes to come. The best way to ensure excellent vision for TV and laptop addicts and computer users and also for all those people who want to avoid the harmful light emissions from the computer and TV screens – using unmagnified computer glasses is the best solution!

About Unmagnified Computer Glasses

The computer glasses designed specifically for people who spend hours on the laptop, TV, tablet, and other devices. Usually, the computer glasses include two basic features – special tinted and anti-reflection. The TV screens or computer monitors emit high amounts of harmful blue light and our eyes have to give an additional effort in order to fight this light. Eye strain and eye fatigue, as well as constant headaches, are associated with the high amount of blue light. This is the point where unmagnified computer glasses become extremely beneficial.

The anti-reflection coating for the non magnified computer glasses reflects the blue light from the screen and allows the eyes to enjoy better and high-quality image. This lowers eye fatigue and strain at the same time.

Most computer glasses come with specially designed tints that lower the effects of digital screens and harmful blue-violet lights. These specially designed tints also boost contrasts and keep under control the effects of reflections and harsh lighting.

Many doctors and eye experts prescribe these computer glasses that easily adjust your vision and provide the biggest field of view to assist your eyes in seeing better. It is highly recommendable to get a pair of the unmagnified computer glasses if you want to clear your vision, especially if you are working in front of a laptop for a few yours through the day.

Don’t limit your work productivity! Put everything into clear focus and protect your sight!

A Final Word

If you are interested in buying high-quality unmagnified computer glasses – liife.ca is a top choice.

The glasses are tested against Spektrum, Gunnar, Zenni Optical, Gamma Rays, and Eyekepper and proved to offer better filtering protection against the HEV light or high energy visible light. The glasses also have full UV400 protection.

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