Gray lens computer glasses

Gray lens computer glasses are taking over the marketplace.

Gray Lens Computer Glasses

Gray lens computer glasses from Liife are as good as it gets in protective computer and daily life eyewear. We have rolled together all of the best specifications and engineered a pair of premium eyestrain blue light glasses that relax your eyes and help prevent optic damage. Computer glasses currently on the market are not pleasant to look through, they are yellow tinted and have an intermediate magnification which restricts you to computer use only. Our gray lens computer glasses have zero magnification and can be worn in malls, driving and for any indoor or outdoor activity you can think of.

Liife gray lens computer glasses are very lightweight weighing out at 12 grams, which is lighter than three Canadian nickels. They are made from unbreakable hypoallergenic acetate an are shock resistant. If you are not used to wearing glasses you will not even feel these on your face. They do not slide down and you can wear them comfortably without pushing them up every 30 minutes.

Another quality specification in our gray lens computer glasses is the super hydrophobic anti-glare coating. The anti-glare coating is what keeps the eyestrain down. Our lenses are coated on both sides and relax your eyes instantly! You can wear them in any office setting and you will feel the difference in your eyes muscles. You will no longer need eyedrops, rub your eyes and you don’t need to concern your self with the 20-20-20 rule for taking breaks. Although its good to take breaks if sitting behind a computer for several hours. Liife gray lens computer glasses really work and they are guaranteed for 1 year.

The world is facing a new threat called blue light. We have done some considerable research and came to the conclusion that although blue light is natural and needed to be absorbed by your body to maintain proper health, too much unnatural exposure is not good. We had our gray lens computer glasses coated with violet, blue light and UV protection to shield your eyes from over exposure. The coatings are absorbed into the lens itself and wont peel off over time.

After all the protective coatings and tint was added to the lens we tested them with our spectrophotometer and had remarkable results. We then started testing other computer eyeglasses in the market to compare our lenses to other companies claims. You can find the results on our Lens Transmission Data page.

If you looking for ZERO POWER | FULL PROTECTION you need to shop online for Liifes’ gray lens computer glasses, UV-VIS 450.

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