Graphic Designer glasses relax eyestrain.

Graphic Designer Glasses
Liife | DESIGNER glasses are designed for every office.

Graphic Designer glasses are something that many full time designers and computer operators choose not to wear. Day after day and hour after hour you continue to stare into the monitor light. Your eyes are amazing and adapt to the strain and focal length automatically. After several years of doing the same thing your eyes will slowly wear out like most organs do.

Graphic Designer glasses come in many shapes, weights, materials and sizes. The lenses are sometimes plastic, glass and even polycarbonate resin. The tint is usually offered in amber, yellow, gray and clear.

What type of Graphic Designer glasses do you need?

Many people sitting behind computers are not used to wearing anything on their face and the thought of wearing glasses all day does not seem appealing. You need super light weight Graphic Designer glasses that you can wear for hours daily without them sliding down or having to clench your ears to hold them on. Clenching your ears will result in headaches and discourage the necessity of wearing eye protection. Weight is one of the most important factors.

Choosing the right lenses is essential!

Purchasing any random glasses off the internet is not what you should do. You want to be sure what you are purchasing has been tested and the manufacturer can prove that the lenses offer the protection they claim. Lenses light transmission can be tested with a spectrophotometer and the nanometers (wavelength) of light passing though the lenses can tell you everything about the protection levels. Liife eyeglasses are tested and the results are posted on the website. We want to be clear and to ensure that you are informed completely before purchasing your Graphic Designer glasses.

Anti-Glare Coatings are the secret ingredient in reducing eyestrain and eye fatigue.

If you already wear prescription glasses you know what I am talking about. People who already wear some form of glasses are already protected from the overdose of light in the working environment. They probably have not experienced eyestrain, eye fatigue or any dry eye issues. Once you wear a pair of Graphic Designer glasses from Liife you will feel the difference immediately. Our Designer glasses are also safe to wear driving, outdoors, in any weather condition.. they offer your eyes a shield of protection like no other glasses available. Shop for your Graphic Designer glasses today online at We lead the industry in computer glasses and lens performance.

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