Computer Glasses No Magnification

Computer Glasses No Magnification: Reduce Eye Fatigue and Prevent Eye Strain

Looking for computer glasses without magnification? Look no further as you have come to the right place! Get the benefits of the unmagnified computer glasses which reduce eye fatigue and prevent eye strain.

computer glasses no magnification

Our Everyday Exposure to TV and Computer Screens – The Reason for Eye Strain, Headaches, and Eye Fatigue

Let’s face it – it is almost impossible to avoid the exposure to computer and TV screens these days. At school, at work, at home, in the car – smartphones, tablets, laptops, GSP devices, Game consoles, TVs and more are all around us, they are virtually everywhere.

Exposure isn’t the only problem anymore. It is our every day’s habit to watch TV, surf on the internet, and work on a laptop. We are addicted to these devices and we cannot notice that this addiction can actually be harmful, especially to our eye health. At the ends, our eyes are paying the price.

Most people don’t realize how many hours of the day are spending in looking into a screen. If you start analyzing, you will discover shocking statistics. If you have been suffering from eye strain, headaches, or eye fatigue, being exposed to screens is probably the reason for that.

Why screens are so harmful and is there a way to avoid the exposure?

Screens and desktops emit blue light. The blue light stimulates our eyes and makes them give extra effort to focus. Another reason is the refresh rate of the desktops cause a pulsing effect and a minute flicker. After a few hours of exposure, we start to experience this effect. Our eyes were not designed to take this constant pressure and that is the reason why the overuse of the eye muscles starts to trigger. The possible symptoms are itchiness, watering, excessive blinking, and low-level pain. Once you notice these symptoms, it means that your eyes are fighting the exhaustion and are working too hard for a longer period of time.

How to stop this?

Start Using Computer Glasses No Magnification

One way to avoid eye strain and headaches is to limit the exposure to monitors and screens or just take a long break from using them. We know that this is un impossible thing to do as lots of us work on a laptop and cannot afford the luxury of avoiding the smartphones or laptops.

The other way, the most recommendable way is to start using computer glasses no magnification. The unmagnified computer glasses are specially designed to fight eye strain. They are designed to block the blue light and protect your sight.

The purpose of the computer glasses without magnification is not to make up for the absence of close-in vision but to obstruct the blue light and provide protection for your eyes from the harmful effects of the screens and monitors.

A Final Word can offer you a line of attractive and affordable computer glasses without magnification to protect your eyes from screen exposure. The super thin 1.6 single vision and impact resistant lenses from meet the FDA regulation standards and have been tested under various working conditions.

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