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Our Computer Glasses Blue Light Are Offering You The Most Advanced Filtering Protection

We have all been there – searching for the perfect pair of computer glasses blue light that successfully block the light from the electronic devices. However, not every pair of blue light glasses lives up to the expectations of the user. In most of the cases, actually, the blue light lenses are only found to block one to two types of blue light.

computer glasses blue light

The Liife Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are An All-Time Winner

As you probably know, our super thin Liife CR-39 lenses are a true leader in the industry and has achieved optical excellence in developing advanced indoor light and glare reduction over the years. But most importantly, our blue light computer glasses have been tested against all the other models on the market.

Obviously, the Liife CR-39 HMC lenses and all glasses in general have passed the harmful light tests, especially the ones against HEV (high-energy visible light) which is a implicated source of eye deterioration and ARMD. With a UV400 protection packed inside, they can also be worn on the beach, under the sun and basically everywhere in presence of ultraviolet rays.

Tested against brands like Gunnar, Spektrum, Gamma Rays, Zenni Optical and Nerdiwear, our glasses are found to offer better filtering protection against the high energy visible light while meeting all the FDA regulation standards and been tested against a variety of working conditions. Thanks to the multi-coating technology, the harmful wavelengths of light coming from your computer is not anymore a problem you will be facing.

Speaking of problems, let’s just list the dangers of blue light exposure…

The Symptoms And Problems Related To Blue Light

According to a lot of late night workers, avid smartphone users and TV maniacs, blue light is definitely a big problem nowadays. The main concerns start with the initial symptoms like loss of focus, nausea, headaches and insomnia. All of these symptoms are specifically related to the sight and the eye muscle – and can only be experienced after long hours of blue light exposure.

The problems even multiply when our eyes are exposed to blue light with dark surroundings. A great example for that is using the smartphone, computer or tablet in a dark room and reading, where the retina in our eye is directly exposed to the blue light.

Obviously, the easiest solution is to invest in a pair of blue light computer glasses and get rid of all these symptoms and concerns.

Why Invest In The Liife Blue Light Computer Glasses?

If you want to finally get some sleep and rest your eyes like they should be rested, eliminate the headache from the computer and stop worrying about your smartphone and its distracting light in the dark, you should definitely buy a pair of blue light computer glasses.

At Liife, we take pride in offering you the most advanced blue light blocking lenses that have been tested and proven to work and meet all the FDA regulations and standards. Check them out today and invest in a long-lasting sight!

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