Prevent eye strain with Computer Glasses anti glare protection.

Computer Glasses Anti Glare protect your eyes from harmful wavelengths of light.

Computer Glasses anti glare coated are becoming a technical world safety standard. People that started working on computers and watching TV back in the 1970’s are now faced with a variety of eye health concerns that could have been prevented if they protected their eyes with Computer Glasses anti glare coated. It has been implicated that HEV high energy visible light which includes violet and blue wavelengths are causing irreversible damage to the optic center in humans. People that have been prescribed eyeglasses from their Opthamologist are the lucky ones because lenses usually come with anti glare coatings direct from the lab.

Computer Glasses anti glare coated act like a shield and block out the reflected light, direct UV and other harmful wavelengths of visible and UV light.

Why do Computer Glasses anti glare coated relax your eyes?

People that do not have vision issues do not wear glasses are exposed to the overdose of harmful light and ultraviolet light. Not only are they overexposed but they continue to stare open eyed into the high contrast bright screen for hour and hours at a time taking less time to blinks, relax or give the eyes a break. Computer Glasses anti glare coated from Liife are designed for these people.

The people with good vision, whom do not wear glasses and spend hours in front of a digital device every day. Eye strain is also known as eye fatigue and is effecting millions of people in the world. Eye Strain symptoms are: Dry itchy eyes, red sore eyes, headaches, burning eyes, sometimes blurry vision. People say to use the 20-20-20 rule and take a 20 second break every 20 seconds and look away 20 feet.. but taking breaks is not good enough. You need a pair of Computer Glasses anti glare coated from Liife | Zero Power Eyeglasses.

Computer glasses anti glare
Liife zero power gray lenses beat out Gunnars lenses in apple to apple lens light transmission testing. See for yourself.

Liife Computer Glasses are the best on the market right now!

We beat the competitors in UV-VIS lens testing for visible and uv light transmission blocking. We have developed the perfect lens technology that relax your eyes without distorting the colour spectrum. Our Computer Glasses anti glare coated lenses are impact resistant and guaranteed for one year. The frames are unisex, weigh 12 grams and have Glare Shield anti glare coating as well as HEV violet/blue light coatings to prevent glare and block harmful wavelengths of light.

Computer Glasses anti glare coated are not all the same, do your research and ask the eyeglass manufacturers for lens transmission testing data before you make your purchase. You don’t always get what you pay for.

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