Computer Glasses Amazon located on page.. where?

Computer Glasses Amazon is a popular search that appears in google because people like to search a good competitive deal with fast shipping and a solid return policy. Although Amazon can be a good place to shop for deals  it is not necessarily a good place to sell your goods. At least for some of us.

computer glasses amazon

Amazon merchants flood the website with page after page of the same thing provided by 15 different vendors and a 5 dollar price war. These vendors have been grandfathered in because they have been there for years. If you are looking for something unique or different you need to be patient and look through a grip of pages. Amazon search engine is a little off as well. If you type in graphic designer glasses you get a bunch of T-shirts and some posters on the first several pages.

Computer Glasses Amazon listings are all the same.

computer glasses amazon

Liife became a member of and in 2016.

We posted listings under the Computer Glasses Amazon search criteria and in a variety of different categories. We have a unique product with specific keywords like “zero power”, “graphic designer glasses”. Even though we are one of the only glasses in this niche market our ads are buried in the mess of 3000 found ads. How can this be?

Trying to sell on Amazon can be a daunting task. Retailers are compelled to pay for sponsored listings because they are not selling there goods located on page 20. Amazon continues to collect a monthly fee even if you do not sell anything and a fee if you do sell something. Its a win win situation for them.

Computer Glasses Amazon project is a little discouraging to say the least. I’m optimistically hopeful that through the course of time the Liife computer glasses will populate and improve in the search rankings.

If your looking for high quality computer glasses skip Amazon and shop here:

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