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Get Clear Vision with Unmagnified Computer Glasses

Worried about your blurred vision when looking at the computer monitor? Clear your vision with a pair of unmagnified computer glasses!

unmagnified computer glasses
How to Avoid the Harmful Light Emissions from The Computer or TV Screens?

The truth is that today smartphones, tablets, laptops and other smart devices have become a huge part of our daily life. However, the constant usage of these devices doesn’t come free. The use of digital devices cause damages to our eyes and our sight. Considering the fact that we spent a few hours before the computer screens every day, it has become very important to protect our eyes and sight from the harmful light emissions the screens and monitors emit.

The TVs, computers, laptops, and tablets with black lit or LED screens emit harmful blue light that can easily damage our eyes on the long run. The possible effects of the blue light can be dry eyes, eye fatigue, eye strain, blurry vision, as well as back and headache.

The people who work in front of a laptop and stare at laptop screens for a few hours need suitable protection in order to make sure that their eyes work properly for eyes to come. The best way to ensure excellent vision for TV and laptop addicts and computer users and also for all those people who want to avoid the harmful light emissions from the computer and TV screens – using unmagnified computer glasses is the best solution!

About Unmagnified Computer Glasses

The computer glasses designed specifically for people who spend hours on the laptop, TV, tablet, and other devices. Usually, the computer glasses include two basic features – special tinted and anti-reflection. The TV screens or computer monitors emit high amounts of harmful blue light and our eyes have to give an additional effort in order to fight this light. Eye strain and eye fatigue, as well as constant headaches, are associated with the high amount of blue light. This is the point where unmagnified computer glasses become extremely beneficial.

The anti-reflection coating for the non magnified computer glasses reflects the blue light from the screen and allows the eyes to enjoy better and high-quality image. This lowers eye fatigue and strain at the same time.

Most computer glasses come with specially designed tints that lower the effects of digital screens and harmful blue-violet lights. These specially designed tints also boost contrasts and keep under control the effects of reflections and harsh lighting.

Many doctors and eye experts prescribe these computer glasses that easily adjust your vision and provide the biggest field of view to assist your eyes in seeing better. It is highly recommendable to get a pair of the unmagnified computer glasses if you want to clear your vision, especially if you are working in front of a laptop for a few yours through the day.

Don’t limit your work productivity! Put everything into clear focus and protect your sight!

A Final Word

If you are interested in buying high-quality unmagnified computer glasses – liife.ca is a top choice.

The glasses are tested against Spektrum, Gunnar, Zenni Optical, Gamma Rays, and Eyekepper and proved to offer better filtering protection against the HEV light or high energy visible light. The glasses also have full UV400 protection.

For additional information or to purchase a pair of the unmagnified computer glasses – click here!

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Computer Glasses Non Prescription

Computer Glasses Non Prescription: Protect Your Eyes from the Harmful Blue Light

Now you can easily protect your eyes from the harmful blue light! How? Get Computer Glasses Non Prescription!

Computer Glasses Non Prescription

Why Computer Glasses are a Necessity in Our Every day’s Life

Are you tired of switching your glasses for reading with your glasses for viewing on your laptop all the time? Do you even wear reading glasses? Do you have to bend over in order to get close to the computer monitor to see what’s written? Is the screen blurry when you take off your glasses?

If the answer to all of these questions is yes – it means that you definitely need a pair of computer glasses.

The truth is that we are over-exposed to devices that emit harmful blue light and sooner or later our eyes will pay the price. Because we cannot just stop using our smartphone or laptop, we must find another solution that can help us continue with our everyday life but lower the exposure to the harmful blue light.

The solution is simple – Computer Glasses Non Prescription. Many people think of them as a luxury and something that they cannot afford. However, they are wrong, as the computer glasses are affordable and in today’s life they have become a necessity.

It is proven that blue light blocker computer glasses are the best defense against eye fatigue, eye strain, and Macular Degeneration. So, if you want to prolong your eye health and lower the pressure your eyes feel every time they are exposed to blue light – get computer glasses!

How Can Computer Glasses Non Prescription Help You

The computer glasses filter out the harmful blue light. Besides this, these specialized glasses can:

  • Reduce the reflections and glare from computer screens and monitors
  • Allow the good blue light to pass through
  • Increase clarity and sharpness
  • Prevent Macular Degeneration (the deterioration of the central portion of the retina) which is considered to be the major cause for vision loss
  • Lowers digital eye strain and other related symptoms such as eye fatigue, blurred vision, dry eyes, headaches, sleep disruption, and etc.
  • Prolong the ability to work on a laptop or tablet without experiencing the negative symptoms mentioned above.

Where to Buy Computer Glasses Non Prescription

Now that you’ve realized that computer glasses are not a luxury, instead they are a necessity in our life you probably are interested from where you can purchase Computer Glasses Non Prescription.

Liife.ca is your one-stop destination from where you can purchase computer glasses according to your needs, budget, and style.

Liife CR-39 lenses are tinted and infused with UV protection with up to 400nm, keeping the harmful ultraviolet light out of your eyes. The glasses are finally coated with premium and high-quality anti-glare coating and combined with blue light blocking features that lover that glare and light.

You can check liife.ca lens transmission data page for comparative test results! For additional information or to purchase a pair of Computer Glasses Non Prescription click here!

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0 Magnification Computer Glasses

0 Magnification Computer Glasses Can Relieve the Stress Your Eyes Experience When Exposed to Screens

Are you being exposed to screens and monitors throughout the day? Avoid eye strain and headaches by buying 0 magnification computer glasses! The unmagnified computer glasses relieve the stress your eyes experience when exposed to screens and monitors!

0 magnification computer glasses

0 Magnification Computer Glasses Reduce Eye Fatigue and Ease Eye Strain

Blurry vision, headaches, and tired eyes after a long day of working on your laptop? There is a solution for your problems – 0 magnification computer glasses.

The strain in your eyes from being exposed to screens and monitors is a real condition and a problem for so many people. This condition is known as CVS or computer vision syndrome.

According to experts – when looking at a screen, your eyes make an additional effort to focus which means that they are overexposed to the harmful blue light. This is one of the reasons why our eyes get all blurry or a condition known as tired eyes.

The ergonomics experts are saying that the computer screens should be positioned at least 20-26 inches from our eyes. This is called an intermediate zone of vision – it is farther than your reading distance and closer than your driving vision.

Without proper computer glasses, most people will experience symptoms such as low-level pain, itchiness, excessive blinking, watering, sore shoulders, a sore neck or a backache as well.

If you cannot avoid your smartphone, laptop, tablet completely, at least do something to lower the pressure your eyes experience when exposed to screens. Start using 0 magnification computer glasses.

How Do I Know If I Need Unmagnified Computer Glasses

The right time for you to decide whether or not you need a pair of unmagnified computer glasses is when you start feeling a pressure and strain on your eyes. Your eyes will become sensitive to light and they will start feeling very dry. You can notice how you rub your eyes in most of the time.

The other symptom is a headache. If you are getting headaches after working on your laptop for a few hours – that means that your eyes require proper protection or 0 magnification computer glasses.

All of these symptoms are hinting at CVC (computer vision syndrome) which we said it can be easily solved out with the use of unmagnified computer glasses.

The computer glasses will enable you to sit at a proper distance from your screen, which means that you will continue to do your work flawlessly and without a pressure in your eyes.


As time goes by, more and more people are starting to experience the damage caused to their eyes by being exposed to screens, monitors and blue light. The 0 magnification computer prices are not over-prices, they are not luxury and yet they will secure your eyesight for years to come.

So, go get yourself a pair! Your eyes will be grateful for sure!

At liife.ca you can buy high-quality computer glasses! The multi-coaching technology liife.ca uses filters out the harmful blue light and let the safe spectra pass through naturally.

For additional information click here!

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What are non prescription computer glasses

Non prescription computer glasses are becoming more and more popular every day. Discover what non prescription computer glasses are exactly and why they are necessary for your eyes.

What are Non Prescription Computer Glasses?

non prescription computer glasses

Approximately 80% of the people in the world work on a computer on a regular basis and staring at a computer screen for hours may cause dry eyes, eyestrain, blazing, blurred vision and headcheese.

If you have a great eyesight and you want to prevent from these symptoms, you probably need sunglasses that fit into the category known as non prescription glasses.

The non prescription computer glasses can help those who have no real problem with their vision. They are very helpful, especially to those people who simply don’t want or can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars for a pair of glasses.

For example, the non prescription fashion glasses, other than to correct your vision defects are worn for fashion as well. They protect your eyes from UV rays and bright sunlight. The lenses are fake, just plastic and without corrective properties.

Why Non Prescription Computer Glasses are Necessary for The Eyes?

The eyes are the most important sense organs in our body. They help us visualize the beauty in our environment. So, you probably wonder why you need to cover them with a pair of glasses, especially if you have no real problem with your sight.

Besides the fact that they protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the computer screen, they protect your eyes from impurities and dust particles as well. Any damage to your eyes can prevent you from working on a computer, exploring the world around you and even may cause more severe health problems. The result is that our eyes require more protection than any other sense part of our body, and for that reason, many people wear non prescription computer glasses as a safety measure.

Here are few tips that can help you take proper care of your non prescription computer glasses:

  • Wash the glasses in cool water – This will keep the protective coating on the lenses clean!
  • Keep the glasses in their case – You don’t want to accidently sit on your glasses right?
  • Take the glasses with you whenever you go – If you go out take your glasses with you!

Where to Buy Non Prescription Glasses?

The best thing about the non prescription glasses is that they are more easily to buy than any other pair of glasses. But, the question is, where you can find the best deal?

At liife.ca you can find the most stylish non prescription glasses and you can purchase the pair you like with just one click. When shopping at liife.ca you will receive all the important information you need such as the dimension of the frames in order to get the right size for your face.

Buying non-prescription computer glasses online is much easier – you will not only save time but money as well!

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Looking for 0 power glasses?

Liife 0 power glasses are new to the market and not available in retail stores yet.

These glasses have a new gray tinted lens that makes other yellow tint 0 power glasses fall short. Liife has developed a multi-coated lens technology that covers your eyes like no other computer glasses or 0 power glasses available. The light gray tint is very pleasant to look through, relaxes your eyes, by reducing the brightness and glare from digital displays. The coatings include full UV protection up to 400nm, anti blue light, anti reflective and scratch resistant protection.

0 power glasses

0 power glasses means no magnification and non prescription.

Don’t be mislead by the zero power lens magnification, they are very effective in protecting your eyes and eliminating eye strain. Optometrists try to sell you a product and an exam just like every other business. Do you think they are only concerned for your health? I would hope so. Take a stroll through a mall sometime and stop by an optometrist. Ask them some questions about computer glasses and blue light and see how much they want to charge you for “special blue coatings” it’s astronomical.

They all have a higher agenda and it’s not the best interest of your pocket book. After all they’re the Doctors and you are the patient. Liife 0 power glasses are designed for the average full time computer operator that has 20/20 vision. You don’t want computer reading glasses with blue coating and an intermediate magnification. You want Liife® Brand 0 power glasses designed for the office. The light and glare reduction of our new lenses will keep your eyes relaxed and eyestrain free.

Liife has tested our lenses against clear, yellow and amber tinted computer glasses and we came out on top. The only glasses that beat us in lens transmission testing are the dark yellow glasses which don’t even let healthy light in. The yellow tint needs to go and the and gray will be replacing them. Liife 0 power glasses are as good as it gets.

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What are Zero Power Glasses?

zero power glasses
Liife | zero power glasses offer full UVA UVB UVC and HEV protection.

Zero power glasses are just like they sound, zero power magnification non prescription lenses. Zero power eyewear from Liife are designed for the average person who has good vision but needs to wear eyewear with the same UV and anti glare protection as prescription eyeglasses. Some people who use cheap dollar store reading glasses for the PC are making a big mistake.

Liife zero power glasses are engineered to protect you from the harmful light both ultraviolet and visible HEV (high energy visible).

Liife zero power glasses relax your eyes.

Liife eyeglasses are the best glasses on the market as far as protective computer glasses and blue light glasses are concerned. Our lenses are made of CR39 HMC resin and have been UV-VIS tested and proven to prevent hazardous light from reaching your eyes. Our lenses are tinted and coated with UV, HEV and Anti Glare protection. They beat the competitors in spectrophotometer testing results and we published the data for you to see here.

zero power glassesBlue light is necessary for proper eye health.

Our zero power glasses are not 100% light blockers for a reason. Your eyes need exposure to UV and HEV in moderation. Our lenses and frames are designed to keep out the bad HEV and UV and let in small amounts to keep your eyes healthy. Solar radiation is good and violet, blue light is good.. just not the artificial types like LED’s. Staring all day into a monitor is bad no matter what light source is being emitted. LCD, CRT, LED.. your eyes need a shield. Liife zero power glasses are proven to reduce eye strain, eye fatigue, CVS or what ever you would like to call it. Your eyes will let you know how good they are.

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