Best computer glasses available online.

Having the best computer glasses online is a pretty bold statement for any eyewear company to make. There are many brands and styles of computer glasses available on the internet. The variety of different lens colours range from clear, amber, light yellow, dark yellow, orange and now gray. There are also additional variables to consider regarding comfort, lens transmission, durability and visibility in order to be labeled the best.

Liife computer glasses have surpassed the competition by passing all the tests, and are truly the best computer glasses available.

best computer glasses online

The best computer glasses must have these criteria:

  • Comfort – Liife have the lightest frames available weighing only 12 grams. If you are not used to wearing glasses and you purchase an over-sized pair they may slide down your face. You will constantly be clenching your ears and pushing them up with your index finger. You might even get mild headaches from keeping your ears clenched for hours. The best computer glasses need to sit nice on your nose, ears and face.
  • Visibility – You need to have good clear vision at all times. No need for magnification or dark yellow lenses. The more natural the objects appear the more satisfied you will be after a days work. If you wear yellow or orange tinted computer glasses all day you will get tire of it. Believe me I’ve tested them out for months before switching to clear then to gray lenses.
  • Protection –  The best computer glasses have full protection from solar radiation up to 400nm and up to 50% blue light protection.

    Don’t be fooled by all the propaganda surrounding potentially harmful blue light. Some amounts of blue light and UV light are necessary for proper eye health. If you wear dark yellow safety glasses all day you will end up hurting your eyes not helping them.

  • Reduce Eye Strain – The best computer glasses will relax your eyes from the stress of brightness and glare. You will feel it after wearing them for the first hour. The brightness and glare will be reduced and the stress on your eyes will fade.

Liife light and glare reduction eyewear have superior lenses and have been tested along side the other computer glasses in the marketplace. Our lenses beat others in light transmission testing and they’re much more comfortable to wear. They take away eye fatigue and are the best computer glasses you can buy guaranteed.

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Anti blue light glasses that reduce eyestrain.

anti blue light glassesAnti blue light glasses from Liife are made from the highest quality materials. The frames are constructed from ultra light flexible acetate also known as TR90. This material feels light the average acetate frame but the temples can be bent beyond 90 degrees and they bounce back to their original shape. These anti blue light glasses weigh 12 grams which is less than the weight of three Canadian nickels. If you are not used to wearing glasses you will not even feel these on your face. Liife anti blue light glasses stay high on your nose and are very comfortable to wear all day long.

Anti blue light glasses with superior lenses

The lenses are lightweight cr39 HMC which stands for hard multi coated. This means they are scratch resistant and can be wiped with your cotton shirt or paper towel and they will not develop surface scratching or become foggy to view through unlike acrylic lenses. Liife anti blue light glasses lenses also have full UV400 protection which is added while the lenses are heated up in the manufacturing process. The UV additive is absorbed into the lens material and will not fade or peel off. They are also coated with a premium anti glare coating that has blue light or HEV protection properties. Liife anti blue light glasses do not block 100% of harmful high energy visible light (HEV) but they block enough to reduce the harmfulness of the artificial light and screen brightness and make your tired eyes feel better.

Anti blue light glasses on the market all have either yellow or clear lenses. We have tried and tested several pairs including Gamma Rays, Gunnars, Eyekepper, Spectrum, Nerdiwear and several generic brands. We discovered that yellow lenses are annoying to look through for long periods of time. They do all help reduce eyestrain and eye fatigue but when you take them off your eyes feel like your in the land of OZ. Liife anti blue light glasses are gray tinted and preferred by Graphic Designers, Color management professionals like Animators, Digitizers, Preflight Prepress workers and more. The Gray tint is very light and pleasant to look through. Liife anti blue light glasses are safe effective and beat out Gunnars and Gamma Rays in side by side UV-VIS spectrophotometer testing. Liife offers a one year guarantee and strongly suggests you try a pair to protect your eyes.

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Prevent eye strain with Computer Glasses anti glare protection.

Computer Glasses Anti Glare protect your eyes from harmful wavelengths of light.

Computer Glasses anti glare coated are becoming a technical world safety standard. People that started working on computers and watching TV back in the 1970’s are now faced with a variety of eye health concerns that could have been prevented if they protected their eyes with Computer Glasses anti glare coated. It has been implicated that HEV high energy visible light which includes violet and blue wavelengths are causing irreversible damage to the optic center in humans. People that have been prescribed eyeglasses from their Opthamologist are the lucky ones because lenses usually come with anti glare coatings direct from the lab.

Computer Glasses anti glare coated act like a shield and block out the reflected light, direct UV and other harmful wavelengths of visible and UV light.

Why do Computer Glasses anti glare coated relax your eyes?

People that do not have vision issues do not wear glasses are exposed to the overdose of harmful light and ultraviolet light. Not only are they overexposed but they continue to stare open eyed into the high contrast bright screen for hour and hours at a time taking less time to blinks, relax or give the eyes a break. Computer Glasses anti glare coated from Liife are designed for these people.

The people with good vision, whom do not wear glasses and spend hours in front of a digital device every day. Eye strain is also known as eye fatigue and is effecting millions of people in the world. Eye Strain symptoms are: Dry itchy eyes, red sore eyes, headaches, burning eyes, sometimes blurry vision. People say to use the 20-20-20 rule and take a 20 second break every 20 seconds and look away 20 feet.. but taking breaks is not good enough. You need a pair of Computer Glasses anti glare coated from Liife | Zero Power Eyeglasses.

Computer glasses anti glare
Liife zero power gray lenses beat out Gunnars lenses in apple to apple lens light transmission testing. See for yourself.

Liife Computer Glasses are the best on the market right now!

We beat the competitors in UV-VIS lens testing for visible and uv light transmission blocking. We have developed the perfect lens technology that relax your eyes without distorting the colour spectrum. Our Computer Glasses anti glare coated lenses are impact resistant and guaranteed for one year. The frames are unisex, weigh 12 grams and have Glare Shield anti glare coating as well as HEV violet/blue light coatings to prevent glare and block harmful wavelengths of light.

Computer Glasses anti glare coated are not all the same, do your research and ask the eyeglass manufacturers for lens transmission testing data before you make your purchase. You don’t always get what you pay for.

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Gray lens computer glasses

Gray lens computer glasses are taking over the marketplace.

Gray Lens Computer Glasses

Gray lens computer glasses from Liife are as good as it gets in protective computer and daily life eyewear. We have rolled together all of the best specifications and engineered a pair of premium eyestrain blue light glasses that relax your eyes and help prevent optic damage. Computer glasses currently on the market are not pleasant to look through, they are yellow tinted and have an intermediate magnification which restricts you to computer use only. Our gray lens computer glasses have zero magnification and can be worn in malls, driving and for any indoor or outdoor activity you can think of.

Liife gray lens computer glasses are very lightweight weighing out at 12 grams, which is lighter than three Canadian nickels. They are made from unbreakable hypoallergenic acetate an are shock resistant. If you are not used to wearing glasses you will not even feel these on your face. They do not slide down and you can wear them comfortably without pushing them up every 30 minutes.

Another quality specification in our gray lens computer glasses is the super hydrophobic anti-glare coating. The anti-glare coating is what keeps the eyestrain down. Our lenses are coated on both sides and relax your eyes instantly! You can wear them in any office setting and you will feel the difference in your eyes muscles. You will no longer need eyedrops, rub your eyes and you don’t need to concern your self with the 20-20-20 rule for taking breaks. Although its good to take breaks if sitting behind a computer for several hours. Liife gray lens computer glasses really work and they are guaranteed for 1 year.

The world is facing a new threat called blue light. We have done some considerable research and came to the conclusion that although blue light is natural and needed to be absorbed by your body to maintain proper health, too much unnatural exposure is not good. We had our gray lens computer glasses coated with violet, blue light and UV protection to shield your eyes from over exposure. The coatings are absorbed into the lens itself and wont peel off over time.

After all the protective coatings and tint was added to the lens we tested them with our spectrophotometer and had remarkable results. We then started testing other computer eyeglasses in the market to compare our lenses to other companies claims. You can find the results on our Lens Transmission Data page.

If you looking for ZERO POWER | FULL PROTECTION you need to shop online for Liifes’ gray lens computer glasses, UV-VIS 450.

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Graphic Designer glasses relax eyestrain.

Graphic Designer Glasses
Liife | DESIGNER glasses are designed for every office.

Graphic Designer glasses are something that many full time designers and computer operators choose not to wear. Day after day and hour after hour you continue to stare into the monitor light. Your eyes are amazing and adapt to the strain and focal length automatically. After several years of doing the same thing your eyes will slowly wear out like most organs do.

Graphic Designer glasses come in many shapes, weights, materials and sizes. The lenses are sometimes plastic, glass and even polycarbonate resin. The tint is usually offered in amber, yellow, gray and clear.

What type of Graphic Designer glasses do you need?

Many people sitting behind computers are not used to wearing anything on their face and the thought of wearing glasses all day does not seem appealing. You need super light weight Graphic Designer glasses that you can wear for hours daily without them sliding down or having to clench your ears to hold them on. Clenching your ears will result in headaches and discourage the necessity of wearing eye protection. Weight is one of the most important factors.

Choosing the right lenses is essential!

Purchasing any random glasses off the internet is not what you should do. You want to be sure what you are purchasing has been tested and the manufacturer can prove that the lenses offer the protection they claim. Lenses light transmission can be tested with a spectrophotometer and the nanometers (wavelength) of light passing though the lenses can tell you everything about the protection levels. Liife eyeglasses are tested and the results are posted on the website. We want to be clear and to ensure that you are informed completely before purchasing your Graphic Designer glasses.

Anti-Glare Coatings are the secret ingredient in reducing eyestrain and eye fatigue.

If you already wear prescription glasses you know what I am talking about. People who already wear some form of glasses are already protected from the overdose of light in the working environment. They probably have not experienced eyestrain, eye fatigue or any dry eye issues. Once you wear a pair of Graphic Designer glasses from Liife you will feel the difference immediately. Our Designer glasses are also safe to wear driving, outdoors, in any weather condition.. they offer your eyes a shield of protection like no other glasses available. Shop for your Graphic Designer glasses today online at We lead the industry in computer glasses and lens performance.

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