Anti Glare Blue Light Glasses

Liife® brand anti glare blue light glasses are designed to filter artificial light and glare during your daily office activities. Wearing protective eyeglasses will reduce your eye fatigue and help ween you from using eye drops daily and rubbing your eyes.

anti glare blue light glasses

Lightweight Unbreakable… Designer Frames

Ultra-light 12(g) unisex frames are made from shock resistant acetate. They are lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic and very comfortable to wear indoors all day. Our frames are available in three designer colours: gloss black, matte black and blue deco.

anti glare blue light glasses
UV-VIS  450 anti glare blue light glasses Dimensions: lens height 30mm, lens width 53mm, bridge 16mm, temples 138mm, frame width 130mm, weight 12 grams

Scratch Resistant Lenses

The resin single vision optical lenses are made from very high quality 1.6 CR39 HMC (hard multi coating) material. They are impact resistant, scratch resistant and allow a better light spectra to travel through them compared to polycarbonate lenses.

Our anti glare blue light glasses are made from shock resistant acetate, scratch resistant lenses and protect you with UV-VIS 450 blue protection

Zero Power Magnification

Liife® brand anti glare blue light glasses are not fake accessories designed for vanity. They are the highest level of protection engineered for the person with good vision. Some computer glasses with intermediate magnification, and reading glasses are not what you need if you have decent vision.

anti glare blue light glasses

Light Gray Tinted Lens

The perfect light gray is comfortable to wear indoors and out. Anti glare blue light glasses are designed for professional computer operators and do not distort the colours on your computer, tablet, mobile phone or television. Liife® brand glasses help stop violet and blue light transmission, prevent glare and aid in contrast and visibility.

UV 400 Protection

Lenses that block solar light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers including: UVA = 400nm-320nm | UVB = 320nm-290nm | UVC = 290nm-100nm

HEV Coated for Blue Light Blocking

Lenses that block an average of 52 percent High Energy Visible light. HEV 400nm-500nm (violet and blue light)

anti glare blue light lenses
Our 52% protection is averaged between VL 550nm, BL 460nm, PL 395nm spectrophotometer readings. See our lens transmission data page for full disclosure.

Anti-Reflective Coated

Coated with premium Glare Shield anti-glare/anti reflective coating on both sides of the lens. Anti-glare coating is the main ingredient in eye protection against eye strain and eye fatigue. People who wear AR coated glasses can spend more time behind computers without eye irritation.

Anti glare blue light glasses are not just for computer users, they are for everyone.

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Computer Glasses No Magnification

Computer Glasses No Magnification: Reduce Eye Fatigue and Prevent Eye Strain

Looking for computer glasses without magnification? Look no further as you have come to the right place! Get the benefits of the unmagnified computer glasses which reduce eye fatigue and prevent eye strain.

computer glasses no magnification

Our Everyday Exposure to TV and Computer Screens – The Reason for Eye Strain, Headaches, and Eye Fatigue

Let’s face it – it is almost impossible to avoid the exposure to computer and TV screens these days. At school, at work, at home, in the car – smartphones, tablets, laptops, GSP devices, Game consoles, TVs and more are all around us, they are virtually everywhere.

Exposure isn’t the only problem anymore. It is our every day’s habit to watch TV, surf on the internet, and work on a laptop. We are addicted to these devices and we cannot notice that this addiction can actually be harmful, especially to our eye health. At the ends, our eyes are paying the price.

Most people don’t realize how many hours of the day are spending in looking into a screen. If you start analyzing, you will discover shocking statistics. If you have been suffering from eye strain, headaches, or eye fatigue, being exposed to screens is probably the reason for that.

Why screens are so harmful and is there a way to avoid the exposure?

Screens and desktops emit blue light. The blue light stimulates our eyes and makes them give extra effort to focus. Another reason is the refresh rate of the desktops cause a pulsing effect and a minute flicker. After a few hours of exposure, we start to experience this effect. Our eyes were not designed to take this constant pressure and that is the reason why the overuse of the eye muscles starts to trigger. The possible symptoms are itchiness, watering, excessive blinking, and low-level pain. Once you notice these symptoms, it means that your eyes are fighting the exhaustion and are working too hard for a longer period of time.

How to stop this?

Start Using Computer Glasses No Magnification

One way to avoid eye strain and headaches is to limit the exposure to monitors and screens or just take a long break from using them. We know that this is un impossible thing to do as lots of us work on a laptop and cannot afford the luxury of avoiding the smartphones or laptops.

The other way, the most recommendable way is to start using computer glasses no magnification. The unmagnified computer glasses are specially designed to fight eye strain. They are designed to block the blue light and protect your sight.

The purpose of the computer glasses without magnification is not to make up for the absence of close-in vision but to obstruct the blue light and provide protection for your eyes from the harmful effects of the screens and monitors.

A Final Word can offer you a line of attractive and affordable computer glasses without magnification to protect your eyes from screen exposure. The super thin 1.6 single vision and impact resistant lenses from meet the FDA regulation standards and have been tested under various working conditions.

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Computer Reading Glasses | Shop Online

The Secret Behind Computer Reading Glasses

“Wow, that time spent in front of the computer actually made me sleep better.”– said no one ever.

computer reading glasses

It’s true that all the sources of artificial lights actually dry our eyes and make our eye muscles work harder. Whether you are using the computer for 8 hours at work, or love the social media sessions on your smartphone – you are in the same group of people who is suffering from a light called the ‘blue light’.

Should You – Or Should You Not – Buy A Pair Of Computer Reading Glasses?

A lot of people are asking themselves if they should invest in computer reading glasses. And while others still think that these type of glasses are a product of the mainstream media, others have actually found that the symptoms of direct exposure to blue light are serious. What starts as nausea, headache and lack of sleep may turn to a serious issue – and even loss of sight.

But instead of scaring you – let’s just say that using the computer reading glasses is the standard for every person on the planet who uses electronic devices on a daily basis. If you are using the computer a lot during the day, you probably faced issues like blurry vision, strained eyes and headaches. The truth is, your eyes are the organs that suffer most – and the organs you must protect.

If you are wondering if there are some special glasses for working on computers, prepare to be amazed. There are tons of models, brands and manufacturers specialized in this industry – which is one more fact that speaks enough about the potential threats of blue light.

However, not every pair of computer reading glasses is the same – and you must take precaution when choosing one for your eyes. After all, it is your eyes that you are protecting, and you need the very best.

In order to help you, we are introducing you to our premium computer reading glasses, and telling a word or two about them.

The Computer Reading Glasses Your Eyes Deserve

As specialized, certified and nation-wide known dealer of computer reading glasses, we pride ourselves in manufacturing lenses that protect you from the harmful blue light. Not only we know that blue light is everywhere around us and try to stop it – we also know that it is even present in the sunlight. Therefore, we have tailored our computer reading glasses to everyday use – again, making your life easier.

The fact that our premium computer reading glasses block the blue light from entering your retina, reduce the glare and light reduction and help you sleep better – is something that you definitely need. No matter if you are experiencing the symptoms of blue light exposure or not, investing in health is always a great decision.

With a stellar UV400 protection and increased ultraviolet light safety up to 400nm of solar radiation, our lenses are a step forward in technology. On top of that, they offer unmatched filtering technology – and serve as the best anti blue light blocking agents that you will ever find online.

Want to test them in practice?

Order your pair of computer reading glasses – and watch how your headaches and blurry sights are disappearing!

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Computer Glasses Blue Light

Our Computer Glasses Blue Light Are Offering You The Most Advanced Filtering Protection

We have all been there – searching for the perfect pair of computer glasses blue light that successfully block the light from the electronic devices. However, not every pair of blue light glasses lives up to the expectations of the user. In most of the cases, actually, the blue light lenses are only found to block one to two types of blue light.

computer glasses blue light

The Liife Blue Light Blocking Glasses Are An All-Time Winner

As you probably know, our super thin Liife CR-39 lenses are a true leader in the industry and has achieved optical excellence in developing advanced indoor light and glare reduction over the years. But most importantly, our blue light computer glasses have been tested against all the other models on the market.

Obviously, the Liife CR-39 HMC lenses and all glasses in general have passed the harmful light tests, especially the ones against HEV (high-energy visible light) which is a implicated source of eye deterioration and ARMD. With a UV400 protection packed inside, they can also be worn on the beach, under the sun and basically everywhere in presence of ultraviolet rays.

Tested against brands like Gunnar, Spektrum, Gamma Rays, Zenni Optical and Nerdiwear, our glasses are found to offer better filtering protection against the high energy visible light while meeting all the FDA regulation standards and been tested against a variety of working conditions. Thanks to the multi-coating technology, the harmful wavelengths of light coming from your computer is not anymore a problem you will be facing.

Speaking of problems, let’s just list the dangers of blue light exposure…

The Symptoms And Problems Related To Blue Light

According to a lot of late night workers, avid smartphone users and TV maniacs, blue light is definitely a big problem nowadays. The main concerns start with the initial symptoms like loss of focus, nausea, headaches and insomnia. All of these symptoms are specifically related to the sight and the eye muscle – and can only be experienced after long hours of blue light exposure.

The problems even multiply when our eyes are exposed to blue light with dark surroundings. A great example for that is using the smartphone, computer or tablet in a dark room and reading, where the retina in our eye is directly exposed to the blue light.

Obviously, the easiest solution is to invest in a pair of blue light computer glasses and get rid of all these symptoms and concerns.

Why Invest In The Liife Blue Light Computer Glasses?

If you want to finally get some sleep and rest your eyes like they should be rested, eliminate the headache from the computer and stop worrying about your smartphone and its distracting light in the dark, you should definitely buy a pair of blue light computer glasses.

At Liife, we take pride in offering you the most advanced blue light blocking lenses that have been tested and proven to work and meet all the FDA regulations and standards. Check them out today and invest in a long-lasting sight!

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Blue Light Blocking Lenses

Blue Light Blocking Lenses: 3 Ways Your Eyes Will Thank You

If you have been researching more and more about blue light blocking lenses for computer, you definitely know that blue light is one of the most dangerous forms of light that gets in contact with our eyes. Not only it is artificial, it is also almost inevitable. We are all exposed to blue light sources throughout the day such as tablets, smartphones, computers, TVs and many other ways of fluorescent lighting.

blue light blocking lenses

One of the most frightening things about blue light, though, is the fact that it damages the retina found in our eyes through photo-oxidation. Therefore, it accelerates macular degeneration and increases the danger to our eye health even more.

According to a lot of doctors and experts, instead of trying to block the blue light – we should all adapt to it – and invest in a pair of lenses known as blue light blocking lenses. And if you are wondering how will they help you and your eyes, we are listing the 3 main benefits below.

Benefit #1 – Increased Visibility

If you thought that blue light blocking lenses will only trigger your eye muscles to work harder and try to help you focus more, you are definitely wrong. In fact, what these blue light blocking lenses for computer actually do is let in more light which helps you with better visibility – even if you are outside and not exposed to the blue light from the computer!

Benefit #2 – Reduced Glare

Another danger that is closely related to blue light – is the glare. There are many people suffering from AMD and being sensitive to glare. These blue light blocking lenses are a great way to protect your eyes and block the glare, but also prevent many eye disorders from happening in the long run.

Benefit #3 – A Healthy Sleep

Admit it – you have been facing sleep disorders after long hours on the computer or the smartphone. Even doctors recommend that the use of computers and smartphones should be reduced in order to get a better sleep, and definitely minimized in the evening hours.

However, late nights and work happen – and our smartphones are best friends to many people. The best way to adapt to these scenarios is to actually invest in blue light blocking lenses and wear them in the evening at home. The side benefit?

You will sleep better, feel better and never have that awkward itchiness in your eyes. All thanks to these blue light lenses.

So, have you decided to finally invest in blue light blocking lenses?

Don’t worry – they won’t hurt your style. In fact, the blue blocker lenses and glasses come in different shapes, sizes and styles and can be your most favorite fashion accessory. Protect your eyes from the blue light – and live a better life – starting today!

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Blue Light Glasses

Introducing Blue Light Glasses: A Way To Stop The Dangerous Light From Our Electronics

Have you ever considered purchasing blue light glasses?

Blue what…?

In case you are hearing this term for the first time, let us introduce you to blue light glasses. Basically, these glasses are a product related to computer glasses that actually blocks the light coming from the computer screen. As you probably know, the computer light is unlike the sunlight or any other light. It is everywhere around us and mostly based in our electronic devices.

As such, the blue light deserves to be blocked from our side.

But Wait….Where Does This Blue Light Come From?

Now, we know that the use of computers, smartphones, tablets, electronic notebooks and other electronic devices is everywhere around us and blocking it completely may solve the problem of blue light – but will create tons of others. That is why the best way to protect your eyes from the blue light is with the use of blue light glasses.

The amount of time people spend in front of computers and smartphones nowadays is drastically big. The amount of blue light these devices emit, in the same time, adds more danger to the entire story. Our cornea and lens are very effective when it comes to blocking UV lights – however, the short wavelength, high energy light rays of the blue light cannot be blocked by our eyes alone.

blue light glasses

The Benefits Of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

Glasses that block the blue light are also known as blue-blocking glasses, blue light blockers etc. A pair of blue light glasses prevents damage to the DHA essential fat in our retinal pigmented epithelium that is responsible for converting sunlight into vital functions our body needs. Therefore, the blue light is successfully blocked with the use of these glasses, and all the proteins in the respiratory electron transport chain are kept.

If you are still not believing these benefits of the blue light glasses, there has been a study published in a magazine called Bipolar Disorders. According to it, the use of blue light glasses for a week resulted in success for people with bipolar disorders. Wearing these glasses from 6pm to 8pm for seven days let these people improve their symptoms of mania – with the results beginning after only three nights of use!

Blue Light Is Everywhere Around Us – And Blue Light Glasses Are The Only Way To Fight It

A thing worth mentioning is that even if you try to block the usage of any electronic devices – you are still exposed to it. The truth is, blue light is even found in the LED street lighting, electronic billboards and basically all artificial lights that we are surrounded with at all times.

Therefore, the only way to protect your eyes and health is to invest in a pair of blue light glasses – and start taking care of your sight!

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Why you need zero power anti blue light eye protection?

How can you protect your vision against the destructive effects of blue light exposure? The use of computer glasses anti blue light can play a crucial role in protecting your eyes!

What is Blue Light?

anti blue light eye protection

Blue light is considered as a high-energy visible light as its wavelengths fall between 390nm and 500nm. Blue light can be found in sunlight and LED lighting as well as light emitted from various digital devices we use every day such as smartphones which emit the bluest light, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, TVs, and etc. Many of these gadgets and devices emit blue light that usually is considered to be harmful to the health of the retinal cells.

Our eyes have natural filters against blue light, however, this is not enough to protect the eyes from the over-exposure of blue light. Our eyes, hair, nails, and skin contain melanin which is a natural sunscreen that absorbs blue light and harmful UV rays. But, as we grow old, we lose melanin and the natural protection is gone. This makes our eyes more exposed to damage from blue light which can enter into the retina more deeply and cause macular degeneration.

The Importance of Computer Glasses Anti Blue Light

It is proven that looking at a computer screen for two hours can lead to eyestrain. We can agree that the current digital world is endless and we are constantly using smartphones, computers, tablets, video games, TV, and etc. Because of these devices we are exposed to blue light sources for a long period of the day. The solution – specialized computer glasses anti blue light.

Thanks to the computer glasses anti blue light, you can avoid eyestrain, block 40% of the blue light spectrum, and 100% of the harmful UV rays.

These special-purpose eyeglasses are available without a glass prescription. You can wear them even if you don’t need a vision correction or if you occasionally wear contact lenses to improve your eyesight. They can optimize your vision precisely for the distance from which you view your computer screen or use other electronic devices.

Invest in High-Quality Computer Glasses Anti Blue Light

You can minimize the using of digital devices in order to avoid blue light and UV rays, however, the best way to protect your eyes from the screen’s blue light is by using computer glasses anti blue light.

If you want to invest in a high-quality computer glasses, is all you need! The lenses from have better protection against HEV blue and violet light when compared to other computer glasses in the market. The lenses also differ from the others because they are zero magnification and can be worn away from the computer for driving, walking, hiking, and etc. Once you’ll try them you will notice the difference for yourself! We promise you won’t take them off!

To purchase a pair of computer glasses online or find out more information about the product click here!

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Anti glare computer glasses prevent eyestrain.

A huge percentage of the worldwide population need eyeglasses in order to see properly. Discover why many of them are looking for anti glare computer glasses. How can one benefit from wearing this kind of glasses?

Better Vision Safety with Anti Glare Computer Glasses.

anti glare computer glasses
Liife anti glare computer glasses will allow you to work for 15 plus hours without eye strain.

People who suffer from vision problems have two options – make an eye surgery or wear eyeglasses. It is proven that wearing glasses is not only the best but also the safest way to treat these problems. Now that so many achievements and improvements are scored in this industry, eyeglasses have more functions than ever. Of all the computer eyeglasses designed by now, computer glasses anti glare are the most used ones among all wearers.

The anti glare computer glasses are popular among all wearers as they protect the eye and are suitable for daily use, especially if your work is sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours.

For example, when you are working on your computer, you may notice that the brightness emitted by the computer screen can cause your eyes to feel strained. The main symptoms of eye strain are blurred vision, headache, and tired of burning eyes. If you are experiencing these few symptoms it is important to consider anti glare computer glasses.

The Benefits of Buying Anti Glare Computer Glasses

Thanks to the technology today, the anti-reflective coating can eliminate the reflection of light from the lenses of the glasses. This enables you to see more clearly and you will not have to squint every time when you will use your laptop. Your eyes will feel more comfortable and not at all tired.

  • No Reflection – You will be surprised at the difference anti-reflective coating makes on your glass lenses. The anti-glare layer on the glasses combats the reflection problem by eliminating the reflection from the lenses. This is also helpful for driving at night. The Anti glare computer glasses reduce the night blindness significantly.
  • Work-Friendly – You will be able to see the computer screen more clearly and do your job without a headache every day. As a matter of fact, there are many places of employment that require the employees to wear anti glare computer glasses while working.
  • People Can See You – Another benefit of buying anti glare computer eyewear is that people can see through the lenses which is excellent when someone is trying to talk with you.
  • Reduce Glare for Drivers – While driving, the streetlights and headlights can be a major cause of glare and may create disruption and reduce vision, especially if you dry at night. Wearing anti glare eyeglasses can not only improve your vision at night but also decrease glare around lights.

A Final Word

Anti glare computer glasses can definitely help you work from your computer more comfortably and you can also protect your eyes by adjusting to the computer screen. Besides, these glasses can completely reflect the light of the sun and prevent from harming your eye.

If you are interested in buying anti glare computer glasses visit

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Buy Computer Glasses Online: Protective Eyewear for Computer Users

Do you spend long hours on your computer? If you do, you may experience blurred vision, eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches. Buying specialized computer glasses online can solve the problem!

The Importance of Having Computer Glasses

computer glasses online

Symptoms like blurred vision, eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches are known as computer vision syndrome and it can result in severe vision problems if an appropriate protective treatment is not used. The best and most used treatment for computer users are the computer glasses. These special glasses are designed to make working on computer safer and comfortable while protecting your eyes at the same time.

Benefits of Wearing Computer Glasses

Here are the exclusive benefits of wearing computer glasses:

  • Provide Protection from Computer UV Rays – Even though the UV rays from the computer are not strong and harmful as those from the sun, your eyes still require protection in order to help prevent cataracts or other eye problem. The computer glasses are made from Polycarbonate plastic which blocks the harmful UV rays from the computer. Besides they are light weighted and comfortable to wear.
  • Provide Protection from the Computer Glare – It is proven that the glare from the computer screen can result in blurry vision and can cause your eyes to dry out. The computer glasses have an anti-reflective coating which reduces the glare from the screen and make all those hours spent in front of your computer – much comfortable.
  • Provide Scratch Resistance – Working in front of the computer during the day can result in taking off or putting on your glasses countless times which can cause scratches. Scratches can cause eye strain when trying to look at your computer screen. The specialized computer glasses are scratch resistant and you can reduce the risk of getting your glasses scratch with a normal use.

Besides these 3 benefits, the computer glasses require less eye and head movement on your path. You will not have to move your head too close or too far to the computer screen to be able to see what’s on it. Computer glasses make whatever you are reading or viewing on your computer clearer. Furthermore, this enables you to focus more on your task.

Buying Computer Glasses Online

If you spend a lot of time on your computer and your eyes have started to bother you lately – you should seriously consider buying a high-quality pair of computer glasses. Getting a pair of specially designed glasses for working on the computer will enable you to see and read much clearer and easier. Even if you don’t wear glasses, the computer glasses are still your best option in protection your eyes while sitting in front of your computer.

Investing in a pair of computer glasses can protect your vision both now and forever.

If you are interested in buying high-quality and specially designed computer glasses online please visit Check out the huge selection of glasses and pick one according to your taste and needs!

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Computer Glasses Amazon located on page.. where?

Computer Glasses Amazon is a popular search that appears in google because people like to search a good competitive deal with fast shipping and a solid return policy. Although Amazon can be a good place to shop for deals  it is not necessarily a good place to sell your goods. At least for some of us.

computer glasses amazon

Amazon merchants flood the website with page after page of the same thing provided by 15 different vendors and a 5 dollar price war. These vendors have been grandfathered in because they have been there for years. If you are looking for something unique or different you need to be patient and look through a grip of pages. Amazon search engine is a little off as well. If you type in graphic designer glasses you get a bunch of T-shirts and some posters on the first several pages.

Computer Glasses Amazon listings are all the same.

computer glasses amazon

Liife became a member of and in 2016.

We posted listings under the Computer Glasses Amazon search criteria and in a variety of different categories. We have a unique product with specific keywords like “zero power”, “graphic designer glasses”. Even though we are one of the only glasses in this niche market our ads are buried in the mess of 3000 found ads. How can this be?

Trying to sell on Amazon can be a daunting task. Retailers are compelled to pay for sponsored listings because they are not selling there goods located on page 20. Amazon continues to collect a monthly fee even if you do not sell anything and a fee if you do sell something. Its a win win situation for them.

Computer Glasses Amazon project is a little discouraging to say the least. I’m optimistically hopeful that through the course of time the Liife computer glasses will populate and improve in the search rankings.

If your looking for high quality computer glasses skip Amazon and shop here:

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