Blue Light Glasses

Introducing Blue Light Glasses: A Way To Stop The Dangerous Light From Our Electronics

Have you ever considered purchasing blue light glasses?

Blue what…?

In case you are hearing this term for the first time, let us introduce you to blue light glasses. Basically, these glasses are a product related to computer glasses that actually blocks the light coming from the computer screen. As you probably know, the computer light is unlike the sunlight or any other light. It is everywhere around us and mostly based in our electronic devices.

As such, the blue light deserves to be blocked from our side.

But Wait….Where Does This Blue Light Come From?

Now, we know that the use of computers, smartphones, tablets, electronic notebooks and other electronic devices is everywhere around us and blocking it completely may solve the problem of blue light – but will create tons of others. That is why the best way to protect your eyes from the blue light is with the use of blue light glasses.

The amount of time people spend in front of computers and smartphones nowadays is drastically big. The amount of blue light these devices emit, in the same time, adds more danger to the entire story. Our cornea and lens are very effective when it comes to blocking UV lights – however, the short wavelength, high energy light rays of the blue light cannot be blocked by our eyes alone.

blue light glasses

The Benefits Of Wearing Blue Light Glasses

Glasses that block the blue light are also known as blue-blocking glasses, blue light blockers etc. A pair of blue light glasses prevents damage to the DHA essential fat in our retinal pigmented epithelium that is responsible for converting sunlight into vital functions our body needs. Therefore, the blue light is successfully blocked with the use of these glasses, and all the proteins in the respiratory electron transport chain are kept.

If you are still not believing these benefits of the blue light glasses, there has been a study published in a magazine called Bipolar Disorders. According to it, the use of blue light glasses for a week resulted in success for people with bipolar disorders. Wearing these glasses from 6pm to 8pm for seven days let these people improve their symptoms of mania – with the results beginning after only three nights of use!

Blue Light Is Everywhere Around Us – And Blue Light Glasses Are The Only Way To Fight It

A thing worth mentioning is that even if you try to block the usage of any electronic devices – you are still exposed to it. The truth is, blue light is even found in the LED street lighting, electronic billboards and basically all artificial lights that we are surrounded with at all times.

Therefore, the only way to protect your eyes and health is to invest in a pair of blue light glasses – and start taking care of your sight!

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