New blue light blocking glasses for the office.

We have developed a new brand of Blue Light Blocking Glasses.  Our glasses have been engineered to reduce light and glare in your office environment. Daily life has evolved to being reduced into small brightly lit spaces all day long. Most companies set you up with a desk, a computer, an email and sometimes even a phone. Although you enjoy your nice new office gadgets. They are exposing you to a variety of unnatural and sometimes unhealthy gamut of lights. It is known that UV is bad for your eyes and skin and it has been discovered that HEV which means high energy visible light may offer health concerns if your exposure is too high or too long.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses
Introducing blue light blocking glasses from Liife. Engineered for your office.

In the office there are two types of people.

People who already where eyeglasses with a prescription and people that do not were eyeglasses or any eye protection. People that already wear glasses are already protected, somewhat. They may not have blue light blocking glasses but they have anti glare coatings and UV protection already in their lenses. Eyeglass lenses act as filters and block out harmful light allowing the good light to pass through. If you want blue light blocking glasses from the optometrist you will be paying an additional 3-4 hundred dollars for special coatings. The eye health industry has found ways to capitalize on the discovery of the new blue light concerns. Although, the implication of blue light being harmful is still being studied. Protecting your eyes is a good habit to get into and picking up a pair of Liife blue light blocking glasses is a good start.

Blue light blocking glasses from Liife have been engineered to filter all harmful light and reduce brightness.

by filtering out brightness, UV, Glare and Blue Light our eyeglasses relax your eyes and make your work environment more comfortable. Whether or not exposure to blue light is truly harmful its better to be safe then sorry. If you are a daily computer operator and you do not were eyeglasses because your vision is 20/20 you should think about your future and cover your eyes, take breaks and reduce your exposure to light and glare. Our lenses have been UV-Vis tested and beat out popular yellow lens glasses in side by side spectrophotometer testing. Check out our Lens Transmission Data page for our test results. Liife blue light blocking glasses are as good as it gets.

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