Best computer glasses available online.

Having the best computer glasses online is a pretty bold statement for any eyewear company to make. There are many brands and styles of computer glasses available on the internet. The variety of different lens colours range from clear, amber, light yellow, dark yellow, orange and now gray. There are also additional variables to consider regarding comfort, lens transmission, durability and visibility in order to be labeled the best.

Liife computer glasses have surpassed the competition by passing all the tests, and are truly the best computer glasses available.

best computer glasses online

The best computer glasses must have these criteria:

  • Comfort – Liife have the lightest frames available weighing only 12 grams. If you are not used to wearing glasses and you purchase an over-sized pair they may slide down your face. You will constantly be clenching your ears and pushing them up with your index finger. You might even get mild headaches from keeping your ears clenched for hours. The best computer glasses need to sit nice on your nose, ears and face.
  • Visibility – You need to have good clear vision at all times. No need for magnification or dark yellow lenses. The more natural the objects appear the more satisfied you will be after a days work. If you wear yellow or orange tinted computer glasses all day you will get tire of it. Believe me I’ve tested them out for months before switching to clear then to gray lenses.
  • Protection –  The best computer glasses have full protection from solar radiation up to 400nm and up to 50% blue light protection.

    Don’t be fooled by all the propaganda surrounding potentially harmful blue light. Some amounts of blue light and UV light are necessary for proper eye health. If you wear dark yellow safety glasses all day you will end up hurting your eyes not helping them.

  • Reduce Eye Strain – The best computer glasses will relax your eyes from the stress of brightness and glare. You will feel it after wearing them for the first hour. The brightness and glare will be reduced and the stress on your eyes will fade.

Liife light and glare reduction eyewear have superior lenses and have been tested along side the other computer glasses in the marketplace. Our lenses beat others in light transmission testing and they’re much more comfortable to wear. They take away eye fatigue and are the best computer glasses you can buy guaranteed.

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