Anti Glare Blue Light Glasses

Liife® brand anti glare blue light glasses are designed to filter artificial light and glare during your daily office activities. Wearing protective eyeglasses will reduce your eye fatigue and help ween you from using eye drops daily and rubbing your eyes.

anti glare blue light glasses

Lightweight Unbreakable… Designer Frames

Ultra-light 12(g) unisex frames are made from shock resistant acetate. They are lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic and very comfortable to wear indoors all day. Our frames are available in three designer colours: gloss black, matte black and blue deco.

anti glare blue light glasses
UV-VIS  450 anti glare blue light glasses Dimensions: lens height 30mm, lens width 53mm, bridge 16mm, temples 138mm, frame width 130mm, weight 12 grams

Scratch Resistant Lenses

The resin single vision optical lenses are made from very high quality 1.6 CR39 HMC (hard multi coating) material. They are impact resistant, scratch resistant and allow a better light spectra to travel through them compared to polycarbonate lenses.

Our anti glare blue light glasses are made from shock resistant acetate, scratch resistant lenses and protect you with UV-VIS 450 blue protection

Zero Power Magnification

Liife® brand anti glare blue light glasses are not fake accessories designed for vanity. They are the highest level of protection engineered for the person with good vision. Some computer glasses with intermediate magnification, and reading glasses are not what you need if you have decent vision.

anti glare blue light glasses

Light Gray Tinted Lens

The perfect light gray is comfortable to wear indoors and out. Anti glare blue light glasses are designed for professional computer operators and do not distort the colours on your computer, tablet, mobile phone or television. Liife® brand glasses help stop violet and blue light transmission, prevent glare and aid in contrast and visibility.

UV 400 Protection

Lenses that block solar light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers including: UVA = 400nm-320nm | UVB = 320nm-290nm | UVC = 290nm-100nm

HEV Coated for Blue Light Blocking

Lenses that block an average of 52 percent High Energy Visible light. HEV 400nm-500nm (violet and blue light)

anti glare blue light lenses
Our 52% protection is averaged between VL 550nm, BL 460nm, PL 395nm spectrophotometer readings. See our lens transmission data page for full disclosure.

Anti-Reflective Coated

Coated with premium Glare Shield anti-glare/anti reflective coating on both sides of the lens. Anti-glare coating is the main ingredient in eye protection against eye strain and eye fatigue. People who wear AR coated glasses can spend more time behind computers without eye irritation.

Anti glare blue light glasses are not just for computer users, they are for everyone.

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