Anti blue light glasses that reduce eyestrain.

anti blue light glassesAnti blue light glasses from Liife are made from the highest quality materials. The frames are constructed from ultra light flexible acetate also known as TR90. This material feels light the average acetate frame but the temples can be bent beyond 90 degrees and they bounce back to their original shape. These anti blue light glasses weigh 12 grams which is less than the weight of three Canadian nickels. If you are not used to wearing glasses you will not even feel these on your face. Liife anti blue light glasses stay high on your nose and are very comfortable to wear all day long.

Anti blue light glasses with superior lenses

The lenses are lightweight cr39 HMC which stands for hard multi coated. This means they are scratch resistant and can be wiped with your cotton shirt or paper towel and they will not develop surface scratching or become foggy to view through unlike acrylic lenses. Liife anti blue light glasses lenses also have full UV400 protection which is added while the lenses are heated up in the manufacturing process. The UV additive is absorbed into the lens material and will not fade or peel off. They are also coated with a premium anti glare coating that has blue light or HEV protection properties. Liife anti blue light glasses do not block 100% of harmful high energy visible light (HEV) but they block enough to reduce the harmfulness of the artificial light and screen brightness and make your tired eyes feel better.

Anti blue light glasses on the market all have either yellow or clear lenses. We have tried and tested several pairs including Gamma Rays, Gunnars, Eyekepper, Spectrum, Nerdiwear and several generic brands. We discovered that yellow lenses are annoying to look through for long periods of time. They do all help reduce eyestrain and eye fatigue but when you take them off your eyes feel like your in the land of OZ. Liife anti blue light glasses are gray tinted and preferred by Graphic Designers, Color management professionals like Animators, Digitizers, Preflight Prepress workers and more. The Gray tint is very light and pleasant to look through. Liife anti blue light glasses are safe effective and beat out Gunnars and Gamma Rays in side by side UV-VIS spectrophotometer testing. Liife offers a one year guarantee and strongly suggests you try a pair to protect your eyes.

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