Looking for 0 power glasses?

Liife 0 power glasses are new to the market and not available in retail stores yet.

These glasses have a new gray tinted lens that makes other yellow tint 0 power glasses fall short. Liife has developed a multi-coated lens technology that covers your eyes like no other computer glasses or 0 power glasses available. The light gray tint is very pleasant to look through, relaxes your eyes, by reducing the brightness and glare from digital displays. The coatings include full UV protection up to 400nm, anti blue light, anti reflective and scratch resistant protection.

0 power glasses

0 power glasses means no magnification and non prescription.

Don’t be mislead by the zero power lens magnification, they are very effective in protecting your eyes and eliminating eye strain. Optometrists try to sell you a product and an exam just like every other business. Do you think they are only concerned for your health? I would hope so. Take a stroll through a mall sometime and stop by an optometrist. Ask them some questions about computer glasses and blue light and see how much they want to charge you for “special blue coatings” it’s astronomical.

They all have a higher agenda and it’s not the best interest of your pocket book. After all they’re the Doctors and you are the patient. Liife 0 power glasses are designed for the average full time computer operator that has 20/20 vision. You don’t want computer reading glasses with blue coating and an intermediate magnification. You want Liife® Brand 0 power glasses designed for the office. The light and glare reduction of our new lenses will keep your eyes relaxed and eyestrain free.

Liife has tested our lenses against clear, yellow and amber tinted computer glasses and we came out on top. The only glasses that beat us in lens transmission testing are the dark yellow glasses which don’t even let healthy light in. The yellow tint needs to go and the and gray will be replacing them. Liife 0 power glasses are as good as it gets.

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