0 Magnification Computer Glasses

0 Magnification Computer Glasses Can Relieve the Stress Your Eyes Experience When Exposed to Screens

Are you being exposed to screens and monitors throughout the day? Avoid eye strain and headaches by buying 0 magnification computer glasses! The unmagnified computer glasses relieve the stress your eyes experience when exposed to screens and monitors!

0 magnification computer glasses

0 Magnification Computer Glasses Reduce Eye Fatigue and Ease Eye Strain

Blurry vision, headaches, and tired eyes after a long day of working on your laptop? There is a solution for your problems – 0 magnification computer glasses.

The strain in your eyes from being exposed to screens and monitors is a real condition and a problem for so many people. This condition is known as CVS or computer vision syndrome.

According to experts – when looking at a screen, your eyes make an additional effort to focus which means that they are overexposed to the harmful blue light. This is one of the reasons why our eyes get all blurry or a condition known as tired eyes.

The ergonomics experts are saying that the computer screens should be positioned at least 20-26 inches from our eyes. This is called an intermediate zone of vision – it is farther than your reading distance and closer than your driving vision.

Without proper computer glasses, most people will experience symptoms such as low-level pain, itchiness, excessive blinking, watering, sore shoulders, a sore neck or a backache as well.

If you cannot avoid your smartphone, laptop, tablet completely, at least do something to lower the pressure your eyes experience when exposed to screens. Start using 0 magnification computer glasses.

How Do I Know If I Need Unmagnified Computer Glasses

The right time for you to decide whether or not you need a pair of unmagnified computer glasses is when you start feeling a pressure and strain on your eyes. Your eyes will become sensitive to light and they will start feeling very dry. You can notice how you rub your eyes in most of the time.

The other symptom is a headache. If you are getting headaches after working on your laptop for a few hours – that means that your eyes require proper protection or 0 magnification computer glasses.

All of these symptoms are hinting at CVC (computer vision syndrome) which we said it can be easily solved out with the use of unmagnified computer glasses.

The computer glasses will enable you to sit at a proper distance from your screen, which means that you will continue to do your work flawlessly and without a pressure in your eyes.


As time goes by, more and more people are starting to experience the damage caused to their eyes by being exposed to screens, monitors and blue light. The 0 magnification computer prices are not over-prices, they are not luxury and yet they will secure your eyesight for years to come.

So, go get yourself a pair! Your eyes will be grateful for sure!

At liife.ca you can buy high-quality computer glasses! The multi-coaching technology liife.ca uses filters out the harmful blue light and let the safe spectra pass through naturally.

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